November 10, 2020

Four Letters

We know most four-letter words as soon as we hear them, and we've been trained our whole lives to know they just aren't nice.  But there's one four-letter word that doesn't seem to carry much weight anymore.  HELL.  What is it?  Where is it?  Does it even REALLY exist?
October 23, 2020


We pursue the things we love; we pursue the things we want; we pursue the things we want more of.  So, why do we fall short on pursuing the ONLY THING that is really worth our time to pursue?
September 10, 2020

Life In 6 Words

If you could describe life in just 6 words, what would hey be. REAL LIFE can be described by the GOSPEL. God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life. A hard and real look at REAL life.
August 31, 2020

Pay It Backward

Why are we called to be generous? And what does that even look like through Jesus' eyes?
August 7, 2020

Altar Ego

We can only get to our TRUE identity by laying down who we think we are to become who God says we are. Let’s discover our Altar Ego.
July 6, 2020

A Way Out

When you’re trapped by temptation, it’s not the time to listen to yourself. Learn to put your trust in someone who knows A Way Out. 
June 25, 2020


This series shines a light on the strongholds that hold us down and gives us the tools we need to shatter them.
May 17, 2020

There Is A Reason

Has the weight of pain and suffering ever caused you to ask, "What's the point?"  You're not alone.  No one likes to be there. There is a reason!
April 26, 2020

I Deserve It

In our own minds, what we think we deserve and what we really deserve aren't always the same thing.  Even more amazing is that God doesn't even give us what we REALLY deserve.  He gives us so much more!