November 28, 2022


Jesus wasn't really the savior people had been hoping for.  But sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are completely UNEXPECTED.
June 27, 2022

Summer Guests

Our Summer Guest Speakers will bring two amazing messages.  We'll start with the question we all ask: "Is my salvation real?"  Then, we'll follow that up with a look at God's amazing love for us through the refiner's fire.
May 16, 2022

Ever Wonder Why?

Have you ever had a question so hard you wouldn’t even say it out loud? Or a doubt so big you didn’t feel like you could share it—especially at church? Maybe it’s time to ask the tough questions together in our new series, Ever Wonder Why?
April 18, 2022

I Am Jesus

In this series, learn some of the different ways Jesus is represented in the Bible: as the Resurrection and the Life, as the Good Shepherd, as the Light of the World, and as the Vine
October 12, 2021

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Life is like a puzzle.  But when a piece or two is missing, life seems a little out of focus.  Truth be told - we're ALL missing pieces of the puzzle.  What are they, and how do they fit in?
March 29, 2021

Easter 2021

We've all heard the Easter story.  But have you ever wondered why?  We might even think we know why, but do we know the REAL why?  What's it all about, REALLY?
March 1, 2021

The Gospel Truth

What does it REALLY mean when Jesus says, "I Am?"  Who is He, and why is it important for us to know Him?  Can who we are really be affected by who He is? In this series, we'll dig into the question, "Who is I Am?"
November 12, 2020

In God We Trust

There’s no denying we’re in a season of conflict and chaos—but the noise in your news feed doesn’t have to pollute your soul. You can find peace. You can find hope. You can trust in the One who holds the future in His hands.
November 10, 2020

Four Letters

We know most four-letter words as soon as we hear them, and we've been trained our whole lives to know they just aren't nice.  But there's one four-letter word that doesn't seem to carry much weight anymore.  HELL.  What is it?  Where is it?  Does it even REALLY exist?