This Is Who We Are

At HSC, we live to celebrate the name of Jesus and the power we have in Him.  While we could list the many reasons why we love Jesus, the plain and simple truth is this: there is a power in the name of Jesus that is like no other.  Jesus transforms lives, plain and simple.  We’ve seen it; our people have experienced it; and this is something none of us can do on our own.

When lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ, there aren’t any words that can describe the life that follows.

At HSC, you will be loved; you will be accepted; you will be welcomed.  Come as you are, how you are, where ever you are in your life right now.  Our mission is simple: to lead people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are broken or lost; if you long for purpose in your life; or if you are just searching for more, then Jesus is the answer.

What we believe

About The Bible

We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God, The Bible, the sixty-six canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, is our final authority in all matters of faith, practice and lifestyle.


About God

We believe there is one true God, eternally existing in three equal persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, ever present, intimately involved with His creation, and operates within history to fulfill His redemptive purposes.


About Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is 100% God and yet 100% man, born of the virgin Mary, crucified on the cross as our substitute, taking upon Himself the penalty for our sins. On the third day Jesus rose from the dead in the body which had been laid in the tomb, defeating sin and death.


About The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit works within us to reveal our sinful nature.  We believe that the Holy Spirit was sent to comfort, to assist, and to move us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


About Salvation

We believe that a person can be saved from the condition of sin and spiritual death only by the grace of God, when that person experiences the free gift of new birth by placing his or her personal faith in Jesus Christ.


About The Church

We believe that the church of the living God is a local body of baptized believers who have agreed together to worship Jesus Christ, encourage the believers, evangelize the lost and minister to others. We believe the Church is the community through which God wants to bring love, healing, reconciliation and redemption to the human race, to which He invites everyone who is willing to follow Jesus to join.



We believe in baptism as an outward expression of an inward commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



We believe that we, the church, are to regularly celebrate The Lord’s Supper to remember our Savior, who sacrificed Himself for our sins.


About Humanity

We believe all human beings were created by God in His own image, and therefore have dignity and great worth because they are valued by God. Therefore, I will do my best to value and love others as Jesus loves us.

Core Values


Love begins with God’s act of love for the world.  A love so deep, so powerful that He, Himself, became human in order to give us a way to come back to Him (John 3:16-17).  If God’s love for us is THAT powerful, shouldn’t ours be as well?  The work of redeeming this world – God’s plan – starts with love.



Following love, is compassion.  Because love, by itself, can sometimes be cold.  Love in action is compassion – a true, heartfelt desire to see people healed; to bring hope to those without it; and to see lives transformed by the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ.  What we do for the people around us matters (Matt. 25:31-46, Phil 2:1-11).



Come as you are.  Jesus doesn’t expect us to become perfect before we come to Him.  None of us are perfect.  We want you to know that who you are, where you are, and where you’ve been are all OKAY with God, and with us. (Matt 11:28).



Jesus hung out with some pretty questionable people, and He LOVED them all.  God’s promise of new life is offered to anyone who seeks it and believes.  How dare we create a place that excludes people? (Heb 13: 1)



We yearn to see hearts and lives transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.  This kind of transformation isn’t a result of more rule-keeping.  This happens when we are able to be ourselves, and let Jesus work in our hearts (Phil 1:6, Col 1, Gal 2:19-21) .