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Life Groups at Hope Springs Community Church

At Hope Springs, Life Groups are designed to allow us all to form lasting, intimate relationships with each other as we grow closer to Jesus Christ.  Our Life Groups are an excellent way for people to build each other up (1 Thess 5:11), to help each other grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ (Prov 27:17), and to serve our community.

Wherever we are in our lives right now, we all need the companionship of other believers – all the time.

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What is a LIFE GROUP?



Life groups are small groups of about 10-20 people who meet regularly outside of our weekly worship services.  These groups “do life” together so that the members of the group can grow, serve, and mature as Christians in an environment of love, acceptance, safety, and security.

Is 20 people the limit?

While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it is a strong recommendation.  Once a life group reaches 20 members, it becomes difficult to cultivate the close intimate relationships for which these groups are designed.  We recommend when a group reaches 20 members, that it split into two separate groups and duplicate the process.

How long does a life group last?

Our recommendation is that a life group will last about 12-15 months.  We want life group members to form deep relationships, but we also want you to get to know other people, too.  After about 12 months, the life group will split into 2 or 3 smaller groups and duplicate the process.

What does a life group do?

The basic purposes of a life group are:

  • Maturity
    Through bible study, guided studies, deep discussion, and an open environment for questions, life group members are able to mature in their walk with Jesus Christ, becoming better disciples. At the very heart of all life groups is a desire to foster a deeper, closer relationship with God by studying His word.
  • Fellowship
    Life groups are small by design so that the members can form deep and lasting relationships with each other. These close relationships foster encouragement, accountability, and growth. Members share their joys and sorrows in a safe environment.
  • Service
    Life groups are smaller, so they have the ability to get out and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We want our life groups to get out and serve at least once every other month.
  • Invitation
    Life groups are the perfect entry point for the people you know who might not be so comfortable at first in the “church environment.” We want you to invite people to your life group, because life groups are a low-risk way for people to get to know you, Hope Springs, and Jesus.

How do we know what to study?

Each week, our pastors will prepare a companion to the weekly message.  The companions are designed to provoke thought and stimulate discussion on the week’s topic.  We know that 40 minutes just isn’t enough time to “get it all.”  That’s why these companions make the perfect starting point.  But, if your group wants to go in a different direction, we can provide guidance, materials, and ideas for other bible study options.

How often do life groups meet? And where?

We recommend meeting at least once per week outside of our regular worship service. Life groups generally meet in homes, restaurants, or the local coffee bar.

Where do life groups serve? And how often?

This is entirely up to each life group.  There are plenty of opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  If you’re having trouble finding a place to serve, we can help.  Our goal is for life groups to be involved in a service project at least once every two months, but you can serve more often if your group’s schedule can make it work.

Is there a set schedule?

No. But these groups are designed to foster relationships in addition to service and maturity.  Most groups will choose one week out of the month to simply meet and fellowship, but we leave that flexibility up to the life groups themselves.  Some groups choose to meet every week, and some meet every other week.  We find the most successful life groups meet every week and have some flexibility with the agenda for each week.

How do I get into a life group?


Fill out the form to the left, and we’ll get right back to you with information.